ARO & The Quantified Self

A team from went to the 2013 Quantified Self conference in San Francisco.

Software Testing by Bicycle

This is a video I made about testing some prototype tracking software while riding my bicycle.

Illustration Samples

A gallery of various doodles, drawings, illustrations and more.

Floppy the Mophead (Picture Book for Kids)

Floppy the Mophead was a rag doll that came to life. He made himself a friend out of clay and set out to build a spaceship. But he didn’t expect to see the bad little boy with green hair.

Exit Strategy News Episode 1: Bandwagon

What do an exploding whale and the dot com bubble have in common? Find out in this quirky documentary about high-tech company culture. Relive the excitement of the early days of the Internet. Party with, Kozmo and MyLacky. Feel the rush of the bursting bubble.

The Lux Group

Lux was a design, development and documentation agency creating websites, printed materials and software systems for numerous corporate clients. I was President and founding partner.