Website Production Case Study

I first started publishing content on the web in 1990 while at the 3M Corporation. In those days it was Gopher and FTP. I used command-line tools like troff and vi. It was text and ASCII art. Soon after that, I published websites for the WELL and The Whole Earth Catalog when the NCSA Mosaic web browser launched widely in 1993.

While at Free Range Media in 1994 I worked on the first Baywatch TV show website, the first NFL Superbowl website and the first CBS TV site. While building the Baywatch site, browsers first gained the ability to display background images instead of the default gray background. We immediately added a repeating sandy beach background.

My years included building our own ecommerce site from scratch, building a CMS, and building full websites for our partners Warren Miller, Vans Shoes and K2 Ski.

After I started The Lux Group, which produced numerous websites for such clients as Microsoft, BEA, Valley Medical, Art Wolfe, Immunex, The Washington State Convention Center, Tommy Bahama, Boeing and more.

I built numerous TV-related websites while I was UX director at Sinclair Broadcast. While at DOPE Magazine and High Times, I produced dozens of websites for brands, events and entertainment.

To this day I continue to produce websites in support of app launches, music events, publishers, software developers and more. Today's sites are user-focused and responsive, being beamed to all types of screens across the planet and beyond.

Design of the Sinclair Broadcast Group corporate website project which I directed.

An interactive map we built to display the stations owned by Sinclair.

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