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The DOPE Chronicles with David Tran

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just completed our first season of The DOPE Chronicles. I’m proud to be the producer of this show and I’m amazed at this awesome team!

DOPE Media’s very own David Tran, Founder and chronicler of all things DOPE is inviting you to join him on his pursuit for all things cannabis. This show has been long-anticipated and will take you on an adventure you simply can’t miss. With a nickname like The Tranimal, there is one thing for certain, this series will give you an up close, immersive and personal account of cannabis. It will bring you to the most unexpected of places and face-to-face with the most remarkable of people and cannabis products.

Episode 4: Washington In our season one finale of the DOPE Chronicles, Dave Tran — aka The Tranimal — discusses his humble beginnings and how he got into the Washington medical marijuana space. Seeing a void in the tabletop periodical market, DOPE Magazine was born — with a little help from some friends, of course, and a debut at Seattle’s Hempfest. The Tranimal also makes a monumental announcement about the future of DOPE you can’t afford to miss! Stay tuned for more insider knowledge and shenanigans in the upcoming second season of the DOPE Chronicles.

Episode 3: Oregon The DOPE Chronicles is back! On this episode, DOPE co-founder David Tran — aka The Tranimal — journeys to Oregon to “Keep It Weird” in style. The state is famous for its high-end greens, and The Tranimal saw no shortage of quality bud after paying a visit to the grows at PDX High Standards and Yerba Buena, as well as an edible pit stop to sample Laurie + MaryJane’s tasty confections. He also drops by the Indo Expo, a B2B canna-conference filled with the industry’s movers and shakers, and reminisces on just how much love, passion and research goes into cultivating our magic plant. Don’t forget to watch this one to the very end for a look at The Tranimal’s extracurricular activities and a sneak peak of the next DOPE Chronicles!

Episode 2: NOLA: The Big Easy The DOPE Chronicles are back! This episode, DOPE co-founder David Tran—aka The Tranimal—heads to New Orleans, where he had to rely on his survival skills after losing not one, but two different bags of weed. He attends MJBizCon, one of the largest cannabis-specific B2B conferences in the world, as well as DOPE’s exclusive Golden Ticket Party, where guests enjoyed New Orleans jazz, infused cocktails and a THC chocolate fountain. Yes, a weed chocolate fountain.

Episode 1: 420 / Friends in High Places Buckle up, DOPE fans! DOPE co-founder David Tran—aka The Tranimal—is kicking off our new series, The DOPE Chronicles, with a bang. He takes us along for the ride during the most holy of cannabis holidaze to celebrate California’s first recreationally legal 4/20, meeting up with Julian Marley—musician, entrepreneur and son of Bob Marley—on a cannabis party bus. Tran rounds out the weekend sporting industry swagged-out style in Oakland (“Home of Marshawn Lynch, and all good things,” according to Tran), and reflecting on the magic of 4/20.

Pilot Episode: The Super Troopers Party In our pilot episode Dave gets up close and personal with movie stars and social media celebrities in his quest to bring you behind the scenes of the cannabis industry. In this episode: The Super Troopers, infused chicken and waffles, a sack of Snozzberry and wacky friends.

The DOPE Chronicles: The Teaser Trailer Follow our intrepid founder as he travels the world, defending our plant everywhere. DOPE’s own David Tran brings a film crew behind the scenes of the cannabis industry.