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Road Bowling

My friends and I have discovered a new sport. Road Bowling has apparently been popular in Ireland for some time, but there are…

Mutated Coworkers Photo Experiments

I took a photo of every person in the company for our website. Then I smooshed them all together…

Bicycle Build Project

I built a bike out of old and new parts. I tuned it and then I painted it. I added eyeballs…

The Angsties Character Design and Illustration Project

The Angsties are devious germs that infect a¬†creative¬†mind. I’ve been in communications with secretive scientists…

The Sourmash Stevedores Band Photos and Music Videos

The Sourmash Stevedores are a Seattle-area band. I’ve taken photos and made music videos…

Pet Doodles

I doodled some pet creatures and then colored them.

Dioramas & Clay

This is a gallery of clay experiments and tiny…

I Want A Monkey (Picture Book for Kids)

Stella just wants a monkey for a pet and not a lizard or dog or horse or turtle. What is a dad to do?

Baby Jam (Picture Book for Kids)

This baby just wants to play music. Everything he touches turns into an instrument. Then the party starts.