Saga App Case Study

Project Overview

Type: App
Client: Paul Allen's ARO, Inc.
Challenge: Use sensors and machine learning to generate streams of data about the user's health, relationships, social media and more.
Results: Gained cult following and started trends.

Happy Awesome Studios

Saga was the app that automatically recorded your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the things you did. I acted as creative director, UX designer and general production person. For two years we iterated on the app, releasing multiple versions on both iOS and Android. Hundreds of thousands of people downloaded it from multiple countries around the world. I was also in charge of building the websites, populating the app stores and developing marketing materials to promote the app.

Team field trip to the Quantified Self conference.

Teaser video for social campaigns.

Viral content campaign with Bullet the Pony.

Viral content campaign: Trucker's Saga

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