Resume of Todd Tibbetts

Professional Creative Person. Digital media producer. Digital content direction and distribution. Video production. Website production. Live digital events. Digital broadcasting and publishing. Creative Director. UX. Illustration. Public speaking. Teaching. Training. Consulting.

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DOPE Magazine / High Times

Digital Media Director

Develop digital strategy. Generate content to be monetized. Produce videos. Build websites. [more]

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Director of Product & UX Director

Worked with designers and developers to create next generation TV and media experiences for the web, mobile, OTT and VR. [more]

ARO Software (formerly K!HA)

Creative Director

Owned by Paul Allen, this software development company did semantic analysis, natural language processing and sensor apps. [more]

The Lux Group

President & Founding Partner

An agency focused on design, development and documentation. Producing websites, printed materials and software. [more]

Founder & Media Director  

Established business model/strategy and grew company to over 100 employees. Developed programming strategy to achieve award-winning mix of content, community and commerce. Orchestrated live satellite-to-web coverage of multiple Mt. Everest expeditions, blending sponsorship, editorial, and commerce with community interaction. [more]

Free Range Media

Designer and Creative Director

Developed first-ever websites for NFL, CBS, Microsoft and the Bay Watch TV show. [more]

Whole Earth Catalog

1992 – 1994

Layout design for large format catalog and quarterly magazine. Designed and produced the organization’s first website. Photographed product items as well as employees and authors. Created illustrations and diagrams. [more]