Public Speaking, Teaching & Training

I teach, train, and entertain audiences both large and small, public and private. I am available to speak at your event or run seminars with your team.
Topics include digital broadcasting, online publishing, video distribution, product management, professional creativity and more.


From Nothing to Something: Managing Your Product

  • How ideas become products
  • Practical techniques and useful processes
  • Entrepreneurism and DIY
  • Case studies of projects I’ve been involved in
  • Product and project management approaches
  • Product lifecycle
  • Planning methods
  • Tracking and analytics

Digital Content Strategy Workshop

  • Content management and asset management
  • Consistency & Frequency
  • Media types
  • Content analytics
  • Supporting your brand with content production and distribution
  • Fun examples and videos from my experiences
Behind-the-scenes fun as I prepare a new curriculum.


University of Washington

I taught the class “IMT 570 Analytic Methods for Information Professionals” and guest lectured for various classes at the UW iSchool in Seattle.

General Assembly

During the 2020 pandemic I taught four cohorts of students in a UX Design twelve-week bootcamp. I’ve also taught the class “Introduction to Product Management”. GA is a private, for-profit education organization. Campuses in numerous countries throughout the world teach entrepreneurs and business professionals practical technology skills.

911 Media Arts Center

I taught classes in HTML and web design. Eventually I became president of the board of directors. 911 Media was a non-profit media arts and access center in Seattle which was founded to support the expressive use of media tools through training, equipment and access grants.

Past Events and Classes

Live Digital Broadcasting, Newsroom Asset Management Techniques, Best Practices for Online Publishers, How I Survived the Dot Com Bust, Ten Lessons Learned from Working in Cannabis, Analytical Methods for Content Creators, Video Approaches for Digital Marketing, Making It Visible, Web Design 101


Lesson: The Iron Triangle

When managing a creative project, there are three important factors to consider; time, cost and quality. [more]

It’s What I Do: A Day-in-the-Life Video

I shot this footage to explain what I do in an average day, but I may have created more questions than answers. [more]

MountainZone, My 1990s Outdoor Sporting Start-Up Company

In the mid-90s I started a company called MountainZone to provide outdoor sporting information to people on the internet. [more]

What I’m Doin’ (Video)

Folks were asking me what I’m doing. So I made a movie called, “What I’m Doin’ “.  [more]

Resume & Portfolios

Professional Creative Person. Digital media producer. Video production. Digital broadcasting and publishing. Creative Director. Public speaking. Training. [more]