Music Videos

I like music and I often carry a camera. Below are some examples of my music-related videos.


My daughter's band The Mary Anns perform Another Song About You live at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA.

Cause YouTrouble by The Mary Anns

The Ghost You Left by Another Perfect Crime.

Sleeping Planet performs Olympia, WA by Rancid at High Dive in Seattle, 2015. Sleeping Planet on Facebook

Video footage of Seattle band The Sourmash Stevedores shot by and mixed with classic old archival films that are in the public domain.   

Busking at Pike Place Market in Seattle. April 2014.

Another Perfect Crime plays their song "7%" at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle. Summer 2014.

Seattle-area band Another Perfect Crime has perpetrated another caper. Their latest music video is certainly the crime of the century. Youth Beware!

Ruby has a science secret. Her brother Theo and their friend Orzo are the only ones who know that she has been creating a scientific experiment in their hidden fort. She is creating a team of lovable, one-eyed creatures called The BioBots. But someone is spying on Ruby and The BioBots. Who is this mysterious Dr. 8? Why is he trying to steal a BioBot? Find out what happens when our heroes discover Dr. 8's top secret laboratory. This interactive picture book contains illustrations, music and moving eyeballs! 

Sprintin' To Hell by The Sourmash Stevedores live at The Skylark in West Seattle, December 2013.


Sleeping Planet plays their song, "Sleeping Planet" live at High Dive in Seattle. Sleeping Planet on Facebook

Fun with the public domain. Goodnight Irene is a 20th century American folk standard popularized by such musicians as The Weavers and Lead Belly. The video clips are from which provides free, public domain video footage such as school filmstrips, government training films and vintage TV advertising. Performed here by Ray Taylor and Todd Tibbetts. 

Children's music video with clay and dolls and a creepy vibe. Created by Pixel Farmer Studios in Seattle, WA.