I Was A Podcast Guest

Disturbin' the 'Burbs is a weekly-ish podcast—hosted by the dynamic-duo husband & wife team of Jim and Jen Sharon—all the way from the bustling suburbs north of Seattle, Washington. The podcast is part tabloid, part life experiences, with a mixture of current events, pop culture, music, and art—infused with a cocktail or four.

Recorded Feb 25th, 2020.  Jim lures his friends—and fellow artists—Todd Tibbetts and Robb Trozzo into the DtB Studio with the promise of bountiful bourbon and bawdy banter. Todd recalls the time that Pamela Anderson broke the internet back in the early days of the world wide web and discover that they both have tales to tell of the late great Paul Allen. Finally Todd talks about his time at Dope Magazine and the potential benefit of cannabis suppositories. Their time together is wrapped up with a lightning round of stupid questions... Hope you enjoy!

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