DOPE Life Video Series

DOPE Life was a digital video series I produced at DOPE Magazine. Every month a new magazine cover story was created and the DOPE video team created an associated video. With a core crew of cinematography gurus (Jim Langer and Jordan Swenson) and a rotating band of creative champions we produced dozens of short documentary interviews.

On our cover is Mike Tyson — who is using his platform, albeit a sometimes-tumultuous one, to bring cannabis to those in need. At 52, Tyson is settling into his role of family man and entrepreneur in unexpected ways. With his newest endeavor, Tyson Ranch, Tyson is looking at the future with a new lens of compassion and growth, hoping to quell any misinformation about his current state of affairs and to address the relationship between cannabis and pain relief, addiction recovery and health and wellness. 🎥 Watch full video at:

Gracing the cover of our DOPE December “Women’s Issue” is Ricki Lake. While best known for her ‘90s talk show, Lake has quite a diverse portfolio — having starred in films like the cult classic “Hairspray,” Lake is no newbie to being captured on film. What you may not know about Lake, however, is her time spent behind the camera as a documentary producer, including “The Business of Being Born” and, most recently, “Weed the People,” which follows the families of children diagnosed with cancer who use cannabis as a treatment. Her aim is to educate people and allow them to make informed decisions about their bodies. #DOPEWomensIssue Full Interview:

In our #DOPEsustainability Issue, we take a different approach to sustainability. We meet up with Macy Gray to discuss what it takes to maintain a career in music for upwards of three decades, and chat about her favorite experiences abroad. → See full video at:

Professional basketball player and cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington talks about Marijuana as Alternative Medicine. Al “CheddaCheese” Harrington also shares how consuming high CBD cannabis products aids in treating personal health conditions and the inspiration for his latest business venture Viola Extracts. Read Full Article:

“There are undeniable health benefits to the cannabis industry, and I think it should be proud of that.” – @garyvee See Full Video:

Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan from Broken LizardProduction Co. are back to share some crazy stories about the making of both Super Troopers films, their careers and how cannabis is-and has always been-a part of their lives. Full article.

Athlete Kanya Sesser talks about achieving success with no limitations as a professional Extreme Sports athlete with no legs. Kanya also opens up to Dope Magazine about being abandoned as an infant on the front steps of a Buddhist temple, her perspective on business, and the use of cannabis as an Adaptive Sports athlete. Read Full Article:

Chef Miguel Trinidad plucks the petals from a white gerber daisy, chuckling: “DOPE Magazine, no DOPE Magazine, DOPE Magazine,” as each petal falls. Bamboo sprouts along the edges of the patio’s perimeter and fresh flowers in small vases sit sprinkled atop picnic tables. We’ve spent the majority of the last three days with Trinidad, who is referred to simply as “Chef” by his staff. It doesn’t take long for this nickname to catch on; before the end of our New York tenure with Trinidad, the video crew and myself find ourselves chirping “Chef this” and “Chef that.” Trinidad is a bit of a prankster, having come from a large family with a gaggle of nieces and nephews, so it’s no surprise that he uses sarcasm and comedy to make those around him feel comfortable. And it works. Full Video:

Get to know the artist that is revered as “The Rebel With A Heart Of Gold”. 2Shae has a way of making you feel comfortable. Throughout the day I watch his eyes pan the room, it appears he’s looking to make sure 2Shae has a way of making you feel comfortable. Throughout the day I watch his eyes pan the room, it appears he’s looking to make sure that everyone is at ease and having a good time. He’s a bit of a jokester, too, using opportunities that pop up to tease me or the video crew. I like this about him. He’s like a pesky older brother you can’t help but love. At one point during our interview, he says, “Am I talking weird?” He then proceeds to tell us that he’s just had surgery on the roof of his mouth, and has “like 20 stitches.” This makes the room laugh, and we assure him we never would’ve noticed if he hadn’t said anything. Read the full online interview by Andrea Larson:

We stepped into the arena with this episode of the DOPE LIFE. Nick and Nate Diaz have had their share of adventures in their short, 30-odd years of life, but make no mistake: they’ve played it all by their own rules. Whether it’s being sponsored by the famous cannabis company FlavRx, training for triathlons or picking fights with the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Connor McGregor, these brothers are going to tell you exactly what they fuckin’ think. And if you’re unlucky enough, they’re going to put a beat down on you…in the ring of course. Read the full online interview by Luke Hardy: