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UX Sketching

A UX designer’s most powerful tool is often a pencil. Dry erase markers are a close second. I often combine these tools with…

OverHeard App Case Study

OverHeard is the addictive sound sharing app that can record audio after it happened. I acted as…

Saga App Case Study

Saga automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the…

Bubbleator App Case Study

I lead the teams that released multiple versions of the Bubbleator, the information stream for…

Spry App Case Study

Spry is a health and wellness app that allows users to track their activities.

Kiha Mobile Cartoon Software Demo Video

As creative director at Kiha Mobile, I lead the production of numerous product demos including this animated overview.


UX Samples PDF

This PDF contains examples of UI and UX work from my portfolio.

KIHA Software Demo Video

I was executive producer for this demo video of a KIHA Software app.

Apps and Products I Have Released Over The Years

This is a list of the apps that I’ve worked on. I’ve released apps on iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Surface and Kindle.

Software Testing by Bicycle (Video)

This is a video I made while testing some prototype tracking software…