Teaching UX Design Remotely

I’ve been teaching a User Experience Design Immersive. We have Zoom-based class for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for twelve weeks.

UX Sketching

A UX designer’s most powerful tool is often a pencil. Dry erase markers are a close second. I often combine these tools with digital tools and photography to create multi-fidelity sketches.

OverHeard App Case Study

OverHeard is the addictive sound sharing app that can record audio after it happened. I acted as creative director as our team built the app and the websites.

Saga App Case Study

Saga automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the…

Bubbleator App Case Study

I lead the teams that released multiple versions of the Bubbleator, the information stream for…

Spry App Case Study

Spry is a health and wellness app that allows users to track their activities.

UX Samples PDF

This PDF contains examples of UI and UX work from my portfolio.