Tree Illustrations

I often make doodles of trees in my sketchbooks. Occasionally I bring the sketches into Adobe Illustrator to trace the…

UX Samples PDF

This PDF contains examples of UI and UX work from my portfolio.

Bicycle Photos

I like to take photos of bicycles and the people who ride them.

Pet Doodles

I doodled some pet creatures and then colored them.

Pony & Trucker Videos

These are two lo-fi films made for the Saga app. We wanted to create inexpensive online video stories that…

Kiha Software Demo

This video demonstrates the user interface of a KIHA Software product called Aro which debuted…

ARO & The Quantified Self

A team from went to the 2013 Quantified Self conference in San Francisco. We rented a great house on Fillmore, met fun people at the conference and…