Illustration Samples from Summer 2021

These illustrations were created using an Apple Pencil on an iPad. I use Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Adobe Illustrator. I often start with a pencil sketch and develop the illustration layer by layer. Related Content Pet Doodles Estelle The Absent-Minded Telepathic (Picture Book for Kids) Character Illustrations The BioBots Begin (iPad Picture Book for Kids) How To Create a Final …

Digital Creative Services

Professional Creativity for Modern Projects. I am a freelancer and contractor, working solo or with my trusted partner teams. I subcontract to agencies and also contract to companies.

People Are Saying in 3D

I haven’t done 3D professionally, but I’ve always been fascinated with the Blender 3D tools. I tried it for the first time and really enjoyed how it allowed me to create little low-poly worlds. I look forward to exploring 3D more. Here are a couple samples from a short series I made. Related Content Wild Bicycle Downhill Boys Night Music …

Tree Illustrations

I often make doodles of trees in my sketchbooks. Occasionally I bring the sketches into Adobe Illustrator.

Character Illustrations

When developing characters for stories and animations, I always start with…

Pet Doodles

I’ve always enjoyed doodling pets and other creatures. Here are some examples of both my sketches and also my high resolution final illustrations. I trace my pencil sketches in Adobe Illustrator and then color them in Photoshop.

Dioramas & Clay

This is a gallery of clay experiments and tiny diorama worlds. I create creatures out of Sculpey and found objects.

Illustration Samples

A gallery of various doodles, drawings, illustrations and more.

Floppy the Mophead (Picture Book for Kids)

Floppy the Mophead was a rag doll that came to life. He made himself a friend out of clay and set out to build a spaceship. But he didn’t expect to see the bad little boy with green hair.