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Tree Illustrations

I often make doodles of trees in my sketchbooks. Occasionally I bring the sketches into Adobe Illustrator to trace the…

The Angsties Character Design and Illustration Project

The Angsties are devious germs that infect a creative mind. I’ve been in communications with secretive scientists…

Character Illustrations

When developing characters for stories and animations, I always start with…

Pet Doodles

I doodled some pet creatures and then colored them.

Dioramas & Clay

This is a gallery of clay experiments and tiny…

I Want A Monkey (Picture Book for Kids)

Stella just wants a monkey for a pet and not a lizard or dog or horse or turtle. What is a dad to do?

Estelle The Absent-Minded Telepathic (Picture Book for Kids)

Estelle can’t get the hang of her supernatural powers. Then she wins the lottery.

The BioBots Begin (iPad Picture Book for Kids)

The BioBots Begin is a picture book I created in 2012. If you have an iPad then you can get the iBook thru iTunes.

Chicken & Pig (Software Development Comic)

This is a comic I drew to explain some aspects of software development. No animals were harmed in the making of this comic.

Baby Jam (Picture Book for Kids)

This baby just wants to play music. Everything he touches turns into an instrument. Then the party starts.

ABC Friends (Picture Book for Kids)

Meet some strange friends from across the alphabet including robots, aliens, hippos, monkeys and yaks.

Illustration Samples

A gallery of various doodles, drawings, illustrations and more…