Illustration Samples from Summer 2021

These illustrations were created using an Apple Pencil on an iPad. I use Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Adobe Illustrator. I often start with a pencil sketch and develop the illustration layer by layer. Related Content Tree Illustrations ABC Friends (Picture Book for Kids) Estelle The Absent-Minded Telepathic (Picture Book for Kids) Dioramas & Clay Sketchbook Doodles Illustration Samples from Summer …

Digital Creative Services

Professional Creativity for Modern Projects. I am a freelancer and contractor, working solo or with my trusted partner teams. I subcontract to agencies and also contract to companies.


I’ve been casually snapping panorama photos for decades. This gallery is a sampling of shots I’ve taken around the world. I’ve noted the location of many of these in the captions, although I’m not exactly sure where some of them were shot.

Teaching UX Design Remotely

I’ve been teaching a User Experience Design Immersive. We have Zoom-based class for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for twelve weeks.

Rafting the Wenatchee

Our daughter Skylar got certified to be a river rafting guide and she took us for a fun adventure down the Wenatchee.

People Are Saying in 3D

I haven’t done 3D professionally, but I’ve always been fascinated with the Blender 3D tools. I tried it for the first time and really enjoyed how it allowed me to create little low-poly worlds. I look forward to exploring 3D more. Here are a couple samples from a short series I made. Related Content Boys Night Music Video What I’m …

Social Media Asset Development

My teams create images, videos and motion graphics for distribution to social platforms. Here are samples from various studios I’ve led.

Mirror Flip Photo Effect

Simple photos become intricate patterns when duplicated and flipped four ways. I take photos and alter them in Photoshop.

Camping at Mount Rainier

We stayed at Ohanapecosh Campground in Randle, Washington. We explored the area and also drove up to Paradise parking lot, then hiked to Panorama Point. We cooked beans.

Animated Creature Laboratory

When I’m not making animations for a client, I’m making useless silly animated things that have no purpose. These are a few of those creations. View this post on Instagram Head sculpture released into the wild. Steam-powered synthetic biology with jet hover mod. #clay #werble #seattle A post shared by Todd Tibbetts (@toddtibbetts) on Jul 16, 2018 at 10:31pm PDT …

Hometown Live OTT Platform

This over-the-top offering served video from local news markets to viewer’s devices including mobile, desktop, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and others.

UX Sketching

A UX designer’s most powerful tool is often a pencil. Dry erase markers are a close second. I often combine these tools with digital tools and photography to create multi-fidelity sketches.

OverHeard App Case Study

OverHeard is the addictive sound sharing app that can record audio after it happened. I acted as creative director as our team built the app and the websites.