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DOPE Magazine (a High Times Magazine Property)

View this post on Instagram Great fun at Dawg Star @dawgstarcannabis ! Thanks for taking @dopemagazine and Positive T Nelson @positiveishowilive_ on a fun tour! A post shared by Todd Tibbetts (@toddtibbetts) on Jan 12, 2019 at 10:17am PST View…

My Instagram Feed

This is a live feed from my Instagram.

Europe 2016: Tibbetts Family Adventure

Our social media posts, pictures, tweets and videos from our Europe 2016 travel adventure!

Digital Media at Sinclair Broadcast Group

Delivering content experiences to every screen: mobile, desktop, TV and OTT.

Website Production Case Study

I first started publishing content on the web in 1990 while at the 3M Corporation. In those days it was Gopher and FTP. I used command-line tools like troff and vi. It was text and ASCII art…

Saga App Case Study

Saga automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the…

Camping Lake Cushman

We had an all-boys camping trip to Lake Cushman on the…

Press Coverage of ARO

I served as Creative Director for ARO.com (formerly Kiha) from 2009 to 2014. Below are a variety of articles, press mentions and media clips about…

Family Vacation to the East Coast of the USA 2014

Our family trip to Boston, Cape Cod and Connecticut in July 2014.

MountainZone, My 1990s Outdoor Sporting Start-Up Company

In the mid-90s I started a company called MountainZone with two business partners. We wanted to provide outdoor sporting information to…

Apps and Products I Have Released Over The Years

This is a list of the apps that I’ve worked on. I’ve released apps on iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Surface and Kindle.

Whole Earth Catalog & Whole Earth Review Case Study

n the early 90s I sold almost everything I owned and drove from Connecticut to San Francisco with my futon and Macintosh IIsi. I didn’t have a job, but upon arrival I showed up on the doorstep of The Whole Earth Catalog.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica in…

ARO, K!HA, Paul Allen and the Saga Apps

Kiha Mobile Cartoon Software Demo Video KIHA Software Demo Video Saga App Teaser Video Software Testing by Bicycle (Video) Kiha Software Demo Press Coverage of ARO ARO & The Quantified Self Chicken & Pig (Software Development Comic) Todd Tibbetts For…

The Lux Group

Todd Tibbetts For more information about my role at The Lux Group as well as my other jobs, see my LinkedIn profile.

Resume of Todd Tibbetts

Todd Tibbetts Professional Creative Person. Digital media producer. Digital content direction and distribution. Video production. Website production. Live digital events. Digital broadcasting and publishing. Creative Director. UX. Illustration. Public speaking. Teaching. Training. Consulting. [Full Resume] DOPE Magazine / High Times…

Free Range Media Case Study

Free Range Media was one of the first web design shops in the northwest. We created the first-ever websites for clients such as NFL, CBS, Zenith and The Bay Watch TV show. This was back when changing the background color…