Happy Awesome Studios: The Career-Spanning Portfolio of Todd Tibbetts I'm a digital media producer and creative director headquartered in Seattle, Washington. My projects include video production, website creation, illustration, animation and digital content development/distribution. I am a team leader, coach and mentor. I'm also an instructor and public speaker. This portfolio showcases my professional work, but also shows bits of my personal life and hobbies. I live with my wife, two kids and dog in Crown Hill, a neighborhood in the northwest corner of Seattle.

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Teaching UX Design Remotely
I've been teaching a User Experience Design Immersive. We have Zoom-based class for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for twelve weeks.
DOPE Magazine (a High Times Magazine Property)
DOPE Magazine is a cannabis lifestyle media company based in Seattle which was purchased by High Times Magazine in 2018. I was the Digital Media Director for both companies.
Digital Media at Sinclair Broadcast Group
Delivering content experiences to every screen: mobile, desktop, TV and OTT.
MountainZone, My 1990s Outdoor Sporting Start-Up Company
In the mid-90s I started a company called MountainZone with two business partners. We wanted to provide outdoor sporting information to people on the internet. We quickly grew our company to over 100 employees.
Whole Earth Catalog & Whole Earth Review
In the early 90s I sold almost everything I owned and drove from Connecticut to San Francisco with my futon and Macintosh IIsi. I didn't have a job, but upon arrival I showed up on the doorstep of The Whole Earth Catalog.
ARO, K!HA, Paul Allen and the Saga Apps
ARO (formerly K!HA) was Paul Allen's Seattle-based software research and development company. I was creative director for 5 years.
The Lux Group
Lux was a design, development and documentation agency creating websites, printed materials and software systems for numerous corporate clients. I was President and founding partner.
Resume of Todd Tibbetts
Todd Tibbetts, Professional Creative Person. Digital media producer. Digital content direction and distribution. Video production. Website production. Live digital events. Digital broadcasting and publishing. Creative Director. UX. Illustration. Public speaking. Teaching. Training. Consulting.
Free Range Media, a 90s Web Agency
Free Range Media was one of the first web design shops in the northwest. We created the first-ever websites for clients such as NFL, CBS, Zenith and The Bay Watch TV show. This was back when changing the background color from the default gray was a really big deal.

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