Personal & Professional Portfolio
of Todd Tibbetts
Seattle, WA

Todd is a digital media producer and creative director headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Projects include video production, website creation, illustration, animation and digital content development/distribution.

Todd lives with his wife and two kids in Crown Hill, a neighborhood in the northwest corner of Seattle.

Todd Tibbetts Professional Biography

Todd was born in 1968 and immediately began disassembling the household electronics. As a teenager, when personal computers first became available, he bought a Radio Shack “Trash 80” and began a life of digital shenanigans. His first full-time Internet job was with the 3M corporation in 1990, before the era of graphical web browsers.

Todd is currently leading the digital team at DOPE Magazine. A creative media company in a new industry. DOPE was acquired by High Times Magazine in 2018 and the adventure is just beginning!

Recently, Todd has been Director of Product at Sinclair Broadcast Group, working with designers and developers to create next generation TV and media experiences for the web, mobile, OTT and VR. Initially he was UX Director, and the team designed, architected, built and released numerous products including a home grown content and asset management system for media and broadcast companies.

Before that, Todd was creating apps for smart phones and tablets. In his role as creative director at the Paul Allen/Vulcan Ventures start-up, he managed UX and design for multiple top secret projects.

As President and Partner at Lux, a Seattle web design and development agency, Todd produced internet and multimedia projects for Microsoft, Adobe, AOL, Tommy Bahama, Boeing and more. Lux also brought video to the web for clients such as world-renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe and Alaska Seafood Marketing. Another popular project involved Stride Gum sponsoring Dancing Matt as he traveled the globe, shooting video of his silly dance. The website, WhereTheHellIsMatt, became a worldwide phenomenon and marketing success.

As an entrepreneur for more than twelve years, Todd produced numerous online video projects. As founder of he managed teams that broadcast live video from Mount Everest in the mid-90s. While growing MountainZone toward an eventual sale to a public company, Todd created web video projects with Vans Shoes, K2 Ski and Warren Miller Entertainment. His teams punished a multitude of digital cameras and remote Internet gear on every continent while covering snowboarding events, mountain biking competitions and epic treks for web broadcast.

Todd spent some early years as a graphic designer for The Whole Earth Catalog, the classic counter-culture publication that birthed the first online community, The WELL. Also in his early years, he was designer and project manager for Free Range Media, one of the first web design studios on the west coast, where he produced the first Baywatch TV show website, the first NFL website and the first website for CBS TV.

Todd is also the author and illustrator of the iPad app The BioBots Begin, a tale of science, monsters and big eyeballs.

Todd has also volunteered at the Seattle Media Arts Center, having done time as a web design teacher and president of the board of trustees.

Todd lives in Seattle with his lovely wife and two perfectly-behaved children.